Transitional/Sheer Shades

Transitional/Sheer Shades

Transitional shades are an updated take on the traditional window shade. Providing natural light while offering privacy, the shade’s sleek and modern style is an upgrade to any window in your home or office. Choose the degree of opacity based on the privacy level you desire and easily integrate home decor into a customized look.

Two key elements in the majority of modern homes are open space and lots of natural light. While a delight to the eyes, direct sunlight is not always a friend to the lifespan of interiors. UVA and UVB rays can cause fading and damage to floors, furniture, and artwork. For those who want to enjoy the airy look and keep the view but also want to protect their furniture and flooring from the sun’s damaging effects, sheer shades are the perfect compromise.

Designer Style With a Purpose

Sheer shadings offer the functionality of blinds, with the softer style of a shade. Leave them open for a soft but bright room or close them for privacy and a cozy feel. An attractive covering for windows anywhere in the home, sheer shadings give you control over the effect of natural lighting with up to 88% UV protection when open, and 99% when closed.

As an added bonus, there are no cords to take away from the style of the shade and the vane sizes are designed for optimal scenery views.

Styles For All Window Types

Sheer shadings are also a versatile choice for any room in the house. Styles are available to cover larger window spaces such as floor-to-ceiling or picture windows. Our team of professionals can custom measure for odd-shaped windows, finding the perfect fit for any room in the house. Sheer shades are available in child-safe lifting styles for children’s spaces. You can even choose motorized options that can be integrated into Smart Home technology.

You don’t have to compromise the beauty of your view and the glow of natural light with the versatile protection of sheer shading.