Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters

The look of real wood and the longevity of a manufactured material are what make faux wood shutters a popular choice for homeowners. Faux wood shutters provide a modern take on a classic look while providing the longevity that many seek, an ease of cleaning, and a sleek style that you’re sure to love.

The glow of light against wood lends a warmth to rooms that nothing else but quality faux wood can duplicate. Perfect for a modern farmhouse look, vintage rustic, or earthy bohemian chic, Parke shutters lend a cozy feel with maximum light control in a no-fuss window treatment.

Energy Efficient Plantation Shutters

But more than just a perfect look, faux wood shutters offer an added level of functionality. While wood shutters are often the best look for a kitchen or bathroom, the element of water is not the greatest for the preservation of true wood. Faux wood is moisture and humidity resistant, for the look without the hassle.  Wood shutters offer the highest level of safety to both children and pets.

Our wood shutters can be customized in various ways including color, louver size and operation, and frame style.  One of our window treatment professionals can help you select which shutter size is perfect for your room.